Brain & Behavior:
Why We Behave the Way We Do
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Brain & Behavior:
Why We Behave the Way We Do
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Creators have been featured in...
Have you ever wondered why you or others 
behave the way you do? 
Have you ever wished that people come with 
a User Manual?
Have you ever tried to change your behavior 
or someone else's?
 If YES, then this workshop
is for you! 
Over the course of 90-minutes, we will explain how you can shift your behavior and get on the path to achieving your potential by understanding these mechanics of your mind:
 How Your Brain Is Organized
At the time of our birth, our brain is hard wired to be operated in a specific way. Yet, most of us understand more about the mechanics of our phones than we do our brains! Discover how our brain organization impacts our behavior and what it takes for us to actually develop. 
 How to Get Your Innate Psychological Needs Met
When it comes to what drives our behavior, it is not what we think! Each of us are driven by innate, hard wired psychological needs that must be met to achieve our potential. When these needs are frustrated, it causes us to shift our behavior in ways that can get in the way of our satisfaction.
 Role of Your Emotions & Emotional Brain
Emotions fuel our behavior yet we are raised to control or judge them. Our emotional brain is critical to whether we self-actualize or shift into survival patterns of behavior that get in our way. Leveraging whole brain gives us the power to become who we are meant to be.  

Based on the latest advances in neuroscience and personality development, this webinar helps you to...

  •  ​understand your motivations and why you behave in a particular way
  • ​discover what you are truly capable of and what you are born for
  • ​learn why you struggle to change your behavior despite what you want for yourself
  • ​determine why you are merely surviving in your life instead of self-actualizing
  • know how to leverage your brain functions to maximize the full capacity of your brain 
  • understand what you can do to help yourself and achieve your potential
  • ​discover how to live a satisfied and fulfilling life by becoming who you are meant to be

It's time to stop surviving and start striving! 
This webinar gets you started. 

Anne & Heather

AUTHORS ON ACHIEVING POTENTIAL & LEADERSHIP (80+books on personality, relationships, careers, leadership)

For over 30 years, Anne Dranitsaris & Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard have worked with leaders, teams, individuals, couples and parents looking to achieve their potential through their consulting business, Caliber Leadership Systems, and therapuetic coaching practices. They have worked with thousands of leaders and individuals from around the world to break free from limiting patterns of behavior to become who they are meant to be.

They are the co-creators of the Striving Styles Personality System, a neuro-psychological framework for discovering and achieving potential, based on the latest advances in brain development and personality. Practical and pragmatic in their approach, Anne and Heather are known for quickly identifying the exact steps you need to take to shift your behavior, giving you the wisdom and the power to self-actualize.

Using their personal lives as well as work with clients, they set about to develop a 'user manual' for individuals that would provide a step-by-step approach to shifting behavior and achieving potential. Clients rave about the impact they have, personally and professionally, and how understanding their brains radically changed their experiences.

An evolution of the MBTI®...

The training leverages our neuro-psychological framework for discovering and achieving potential based on an understanding of the mechanics of our minds. Most of us know more about how our TV's work than we do our brains! The Striving Styles provides you with an easy to follow roadmap that shows you why you behave the way you do, based on your own brain organization, and most importantly, the exact steps to take to shift your behavior, and develop towards your potential.  

The Striving Styles integrates the work of many leading theorists and provides you with a way to easily understand and leverage the functioning of your brain. It gives you the information you need to understand your motivations and needs, and to re-pattern your brain. It helps you to stop adapting and to begin to pursue your own path, becoming who you are meant to be.

Unlike other personality assessment methodologies, the eight Archetypes used in the SSPS are easy to relate to, and to understand what they mean to you in your life. 

Development doesn’t happen from reading a report, doing a workshop or knowing what you have to do. It happens when you know where you are, where you want to be, what is getting in your way and what to do about it. This webinar gets you started.

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