Imposter Syndrome?

This BOOK shows you the exact steps to end the suffering and limitations caused by feeling, thinking and acting like you are "not enough". 

So you can:

  • silence your pervasive inner critic
  • ​put an end to dysfunctional and dissatisfying relationships
  • ​break the cycle of self-sabotage
  • ​stop keeping yourself small, muting your voice and playing it "safe"
  • ​pursue your dreams without fear 
  • ​achieve your innate potential!
Dr. Anne Dranitsaris is a behavioral change expert with more than 40 years of experience in the field of brain-based therapy, relationship therapy, co-dependence & addition, personal development and emotional management. She has helped thousands of individuals to understand the impact of their childhood conditioning on ther relationships and ability to live from their Authentic Self. 

Referred to by her clients as "Yoda", Anne is gifted at getting clients to become aware of the automatic habits of mind and fears that create suffering, as well as leading them to move beyond the Imposter Syndrome to build satisfying relationships and meaningful careers. 
Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard has worked with CEOs and leadership teams in more than 300 organizations over the past 25 years, faciltiating organizational transformation and behavioral change. She has trained and coached thousands of leaders from around the world to understand their innate potential, leverage their unique talents and shift their behavior to achieve their visions, personally and professionally.

Known for her practical and pragmatic approach that gets results, Heather integrates her own expeirences as an award-winning entrepreneur, as well as her personal challenges of living with and powering past the Imposter Syndrome.     
Anne & Heather are the co-creators of the Striving Styles Personality System, a neurological framework for discovering and achieving innate potential that is based on Jung's Theory of Personality combined with the latest advances in neuroscience. In addition, they are the co-authors of Who Are You Meant to Be? and So, You Think You Can Lead?. They are currently working on another book, The Codependent Brain, to help people to understand and work through the barriers to living free of the limitations of codependence. Anne has also written over 75 books for use with the Striving Styles as well as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.
  What People Are Saying:
"...This Approach Really Works!"
I have probably read everything out there on the Imposter Syndrome but this is the very first time it included a way to get past it. Every step is clearly laid out in a way that I could follow. This approach really works for me!
Amelia - San Diego
"...You Won't Believe Till You Read It!"
I had no idea at all about the Imposter Syndrome and its impact on me till I got this book. All I can say is wow, you just won't believe it till you read it. Powerful, life changing and, to be honest, a massive relief to me. 
Leighton - Kingston
"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
I cannot thank you enough! As a psychotherapist, I work with so many clients who are struggling with the Imposter Syndrome. This book is the perfect resource for my clients. It's a life saver! I am so thankful for this book! 
Nancy - Toronto

Inside of this NEW Book...

Here is a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside your copy of Power Past the Imposter Syndrome!

Section #1: About the Imposter Syndrome

  • An introduction to the Imposter Syndrome, the categories of symptoms that come from living in the grip of the Imposter Syndrome and its limitations
  • ​The causes of the Imposter Syndrome and how we need to change the way we only focus on its symptoms without understanding the underlying causes
  • ​How the Imposter Syndrome is wired into your brain's physiology 

Section #2: Imposter Syndrome Personas

  • What are the four Imposter Syndrome Personas,  how they differ from our authentic self and why they are so powerful, keeping us in the grip of the Imposter Syndrome
  • ​The core issues, characteristics and consequences of each of the four Imposter Syndrome Personas: Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute
  • ​The types of relationships we have when living from our Imposter Syndrome Persona

Section #3: Framework to Power Past

  • Overview of our brain-based framework for powering past the Imposter Syndrome by developing your Authentic Self and repatterning your neural pathways
  • ​How to determine why the Imposter Syndrome took root in you and the specific actions you need to take to fully understand your developmental delay
  • ​How to recognize the differences between who you are, your Authentic Self, and your Imposter Syndrome Persona, by identifying your Imposter Syndrome Story and Script
  • ​​How to identify your beliefs and assumptions that fuel the Imposter Syndrome in you
  • ​How to build your personalized blueprint to power past the Imposter Syndrome and develop your authentic self by knowing your brain and its innate potential, envisioning your future and changing your habits of mind and MORE

Section #4: Work Your Plan to Power Past

  • How to move through resistance to action, avoiding the excuses your Imposter Syndrome Persona will throw up to keep you in your comfort zone
  • ​Specific actions to take to honor your commitment to yourself
  • ​How to monitor your progress and maintain your momentum
  • ​Why you cannot do it alone, despite your Imposter Syndrome Persona telling you otherwise!

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  • Softback Copy of Power Past the Imposter Syndrome   ($24.95 Value)
  • What Causes the Imposter Syndrome Training               ($47.00 Value)
  • Impact of Childhood Experiences on Development        ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Why Do You Behave the Way You Do? Training                ($97.00 Value)

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Power Past the Imposter Syndrome

This NEW FREE BOOK shows you the exact steps to end the suffering and limitations caused by feeling, thinking and acting like you are "not enough". 

Anne & Heather

Power Past the Imposter Syndrome

Our latest book shows you the exact steps to end the suffering and limitations caused by feeling, thinking and acting like you are "not enough". 

Anne & Heather