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Welcome to the one and only personal growth framework that integrates all the disjointed pieces into a comprehensive approach to understanding and fulfilling our true potential based on the latest advances in brain development.

Own your talents. Embrace your power. Unleash your potential. 

Maximizing Your Potential

based on...

Our Maximizing Your Potential toolkit is the first step towards realizing 
your potential and becoming who you are meant to be. 

A powerful personal growth toolkit that blends:   

  • the SSPS assessment to show you how your brain is hard-wired and the innate needs that drive your behavior
  • a detailed report on how to leverage the four quadrants of your brain based on your Striving Style assessment results
  • PLUS a comprehensive interpretation video on how to self-actualize based on your predominant brain quadrant or Striving Style.  

Get off autopilot and back in the driver's seat of your own life.
Discover your path to becoming who you are meant to be.

What's included in the Maximizing Your Potential toolkit...

Powerful insight into your brain's organization

The Striving Styles is the only assessment to show you what quadrant of the brain dominates, how your emotions influence your behavior, the innate psychological need that must be met and how you behave when you are being self-protective vs. self-actualizing. 

Included with the assessment is a digital 26-page report on your Predominant Striving Style and details on your Squad.

Clear user manual to leverage the four functions of your brain

The four functions of our brain are intended to be used together, providing us with a solid foundation to achieve our potential. However, most of us use only our Predominant Style.

With the knowledge provided in this digital report, you will understand how to shift gears, drawing on the strengths and abilities of each member of your Squad to achieve your potential. 

First step on the road to becoming who you are meant to be 

Once you know your brain organization, the next step is to fully understand your Predominant Style, including how it seeks to get its need met and what it takes to develop.

The interpretation session will take you deeper into your knowing your Predominant Style and get you moving forward on your journey to become who you are meant to be. 

Hear what others have to say about the Striving Styles!

Take the trial and error out of changing your behavior 
and living a satisfying life.

We WILL help you understand what drives your behavior, how to use the abilities you were born with to achieve what you were born for, and provide a roadmap, based on your brain, to break the patterns of behavior that get in your way. 

Anne & Heather

Embrace Your Innate Power & Potential
with the Striving Styles
it becomes simple!
Imagine being able to consistently and confidently embrace your power and full potential, while living authentically. 
Imagine being able to consistently and confidently embrace your power and full potential, while living authentically. 
For too many of us, we live life on autopilot, feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with our lives, our careers and our relationships. We end up surviving, rather than thriving. And, worst of all, we feel powerless to do anything about it.

From the beginning, we have been committed to helping individuals, leaders and organizations achieve their potential. We developed the Striving Styles Personality System to provide the one thing we believed was missing - a clear, step by step roadmap for our development based on brain science. 

Discover how you can live a more fulfilling life, achieve the potential that you have been muting or ignoring, and embrace your inner power to become who you are meant to be. Your brain holds the key and we can give you the 'user manual' so that you are in the 'driver's seat' of your own life. 
Becoming who you are meant to be IS POSSIBLE. 
Let us show you how.

Anne Drantisaris & Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard

Authors of 80+ books on personal growth, relationships, career and leadership including 
Who Are You Meant to Be? and So, You Think You Can Lead? 

Experts in personality, behavioral change, therapeutic coaching, personal growth, leadership 
development and organizational transformation. 

This is NOT just another assessment. 

In fact, if you have done the MBTI® or other personality assessments, you are finally going to get the direction you need to go beyond knowing your 4-letter code or color!!

  • Stop being at the mercy of your unconscious impulses, emotions and habits of mind. 
  • ​Understand the innate needs that drive your behavior and how to leverage your brain's full capacity to achieve your potential.  
  • ​Put yourself back in the driver's seat of your own life.

With Maximizing Your Potential toolkit, we show you how.
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Jeff H.
"You have opened my eyes..."
You have opened my eyes to a new world of possibility for me. I knew that I was struggling, but it is so much clearer to me that I was actually avoiding the things that I should be doing based on my innate talents. I was skeptical that it would make a difference, but I am proof that this approach really works.
Sara-Jane B.
"Wow - is all I have to say!"
The feedback that I am getting, all I can say is wow! I did not think that I deserved such accolades, but I am now inspiring another group of people to embrace your programs. Well done ladies for your fantastic system. Thanks for all your help.
Danielle F.
Working with Anne & Heather has been truly transformation. I cannot believe how much the Striving Styles has changed my approach in all areas of my life. New tools, new skills and best of all new confidence in pursuing my potential. Thank you!
Leighton G.
"Best investment in my career"
As an aspiring leader, this tool was the perfect focus to help me really understand myself, my strengths and potential blindspots. Hands down the best investment that I have made in my career since graduating.
Darryl T.
"Uncomplicating the complex..."
Figuring out how to lead the mix of people on my team has always been my biggest struggle. Complex is an understatement when I think of dealing with their emotions, behaviors, attitudes, and more. Using the Striving Styles has uncomplicated the complex by giving me an understanding of what makes people behave the way they do so that I can lead them effectively, every time. Leading is so much simpler for me now. 
Mike M.
"Highly recommend it!"
Like most leaders, I thought I had it all figured out. But looking at my behavior, based on my own brain and even just thinking about the role my brain plays, it was a game changer. It has made it so much easier to even just talk about behavior and what is fueling it. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to increase their impact as a leader and improve their relationships.
Frequently Asked Questions
I've done assessments before. How is this one different?
When we set out to create the Striving Styles, it was because we had worked with so many different assessments and tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, that were not helping us or our clients to understand the 'why' behind behavior, and more importantly, the exact steps to break limiting patterns that stop us from achieving our potential. The Striving Styles goes beyond the assessment to provide you with a roadmap for development that you can navigate on your own, or with support, that takes the guess work out of trying to figure out "now what?" after completing an assessment.

How will the Maximizing Your Potential toolkit help me?
For many of us, we may recognize when we are feeling dissatisfying, frustrated, depressed or anxious, however, it is not always apparent to us why or what exact steps we can take to change our experience. The Maximizing Your Potential toolkit provides you with the insights, based on your own brain organization, to understand why you behave the way you do, how to get your needs met so that you feel psychologically secure, and gives you a step-by-step framework to shift from surviving to thriving. It equips you with the tools you need to not only understand the mechanics of your mind, but the exact roadmap to becoming who you are meant to be.    

What is different in your approach to developing our potential?
One of the truly unique aspects of our approach is that it based on science and focuses on what we need as humans to actually develop towards our potential given our brain organization and the mechanics of the mind. It considers our conditioning and how that contributes to our self-protective patterns of behavior. We look at the whole person and believe that everything we struggle with as human's IS IN OUR HEADS, and therefore within our power to develop. Making it easy for you to understand your brain, how to leverage it fully, and how you can achieve your potential, so you have the wisdom and the power to become who you are meant to be is behind everything we do. 

What if I want more one-on-one support or help from Anne or Heather?
You can book coaching sessions for yourself, with your partner or child, as well as group sessions if you want to leverage the toolkit further. We also offer a number of other online programs and access to our Private Facebook Group which provides ongoing support for our members. Contact us for more details. 
Learning how to tap into your own potential means being your own driving force in your career and life. The Maximizing Your Potential toolkit shows you how to tap into your innate talents, leverage your whole brain and become who you are meant to be. 
You work far too hard, you have tried far too much and you have come too far to stop short of investing in yourself to achieve all your goals, your dreams and ultimately, all your potential.

You don't have to be any more ready than you are today. 
Become who you are meant to be...we can show you how.

"Hands down this is way better than any other approach out there. Their no b.s., neuroscience-based approach just makes everything make sense and become doable. It was tough at times to look so closely at myself, but the shift in my perspective and behavior were profound. A must-do program for anyone who truly wants to thrive and live their best life!"
- Janet, Toronto
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