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Toolkit Includes...


Assessment to Discover Your Relationship Style 

  • How your brain is organized and your predominant quadrant that drives your behaviour in relationships
  • ​Innate psychological needs that must be met for you to feel satisfied in relationships
  • ​Your hard wired self-protective behaviours that keep you playing small in relationships


Digital Report on Your Relationship Style

  • How you approach relationships including romance, communication, conflict and planning with your partners
  • Exactly how to communicate to others what you need in your relationships 
  • How you behave in relationships that may contribute to challenges & dissatisfaction


90-Minute Video 
Training Session  

  • Deep dive into understanding how your brain style drives your behavior including hard-wired patterns
  • Exact steps to take to shift your behavior to transform your relationships 
  • ​How to leverage your unique gifts to be powerful in your relationships
Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...
"Hands down this is way better than any other approach out there. Their no b.s., neuroscience-based approach just makes everything make sense and become doable. It was tough at times to look so closely at myself, but the shift in my perspective and behavior were profound. A must-do program for anyone who truly wants to thrive and live their best life!"
- Janet Graham, Author of Babes on Bay Street
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