Welcome to the ONLY approach available to treat the Imposter Syndrome so you can:

  • stop thinking you are "not enough"  
  • ​silence your pervasive inner critic
  • ​put an end to dysfunctional and dissatisfying relationships 
  • ​break the cycle of self-sabotage
  • ​LIVE FREE of the suffering it causes!
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The Imposter Syndrome has held you back for years but it's not your fault! 

It took root early on in your life but it keeps you afraid to pursue your dreams, have the kind of relationships you really want and live the life you want for yourself.

It causes you to believe, think and act as though you are not good enough, no matter how smart, talented and successful you actually are. You stop yourself from going after what you really want, tolerating dissatisfaction and working harder than anyone else.
The potential inside of you that you have been denying, the needs that have been frustrated and the desired life that you have been too cautious or afraid to live are there for you to embrace, nurture and fulfill.  

The great news is the power is yours to... 

Stop believing you are not 'good enough'

This pervasive pattern of negative thought that comes from the Imposter Syndrome causes you to feel depressed, to downplay your abilities, and let others take credit for your work.
Through the program, you will learn how to end the negative self-talk, stop judging yourself and instead  embrace your unique gifts, talents and abilities.

Put an end to relationships that suck

The Imposter Syndrome is the root cause of you having dysfunctional relationships over and over, while not understanding why you behave the way you do, including being submissive and tolerating abuse. Through the program, you will learn how to have satisfying relationships where you are not neglected or feeling dissatisfied.

Break the cycle of
self-sabotage for good

Whether it's goals you set for your health, career, or relationships, with the Imposter Syndrome you sabotage yourself and get in your own way, never following through to get what you really want. In the program, you will develop your personalized roadmap so you can finally start achieving your goals and becoming who you are meant to be. 
The Power Past the Imposter Syndrome program includes:
  • 4 modules with 6+ hours of direct therapeutic training ($1,500)
  • lesson worksheets with reflections and activities to get you moving right away ($250)
  • ​step-by-step framework to create your personalized blueprint for developing your authentic self 
  • a proven way to end the suffering and limitations of the Imposter Syndrome so you can create the life you desire (priceless)

This comprehensive Power Past the Imposter Syndrome 8-week program normally costs $1,000.

But we really want to help you to break free from the Imposter Syndrome starting now,

so you can access the program for only $99

- A SAVINGS OF 90%!! -

What Program Members Are saying:

Put an end to the suffering caused by the symptoms of the Imposter Syndrome

It is said that over 70% of the population are negatively impacted by the Imposter Syndrome. We believe it. After being stuck in it ourselves, and working with so many clients who came to us desperate to get past it, we know first hand the havoc it wreaks on our lives and relationships. 

Are you tired of...
  • feeling you are not enough?
  • judging yourself and using negative, even brutal, self-talk?
  • relationships where you are neglected and doing all the heavy lifting?
  • ​sabotaging yourself, muting your voice and holding yourself back?
  • ​telling yourself stories that cause feelings of anxiety, depression and powerlessness?
  • ​not feeling the way you want to about your self and your life?
We created our step-by-step approach to powering past the Imposter Syndrome to help clients just like you. The program gives you the power to live life unafraid to embrace your potential, unleash your superpowers, achieve your dreams and ambitions, and become who you are meant to be.
If you are looking for a quick fix, you will not find it here. But if you are ready now, and willing to push past your resistance to finally have the life you dream of, then make the choice today.

You have nothing to lose except everything you don't like about the way you feel about yourself, your relationships and your life.

What other people have been saying:

Pamela D.

Completely life changing! Learning the connection between my childhood experiences and the Imposter Syndrome, and how it influences my negative thoughts allowed me to finally break habits that I had been struggling with for years.

Nancy D.

Nothing short of brilliant. As a therapist, I have been able to get remarkable results for myself and my clients using this approach in a short period of time. 
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We are so excited to give you all the tools you need to finally break free from the prison of the Imposter Syndrome, so that you can confidently and courageously pursue the relationships, the career and the life you are meant to have.

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Don't miss out. The life you have been too afraid to pursue, the dreams that you have been ignoring and the happiness that has been missing is within your reach.

Don't let your Imposter Syndrome Persona keep you suffering another day. The support you need is here for you and the Toolkit gives you everything you need to stop tolerating less than you deserve.

The power is yours. Join us today and get started.   

We cannot wait to have you join us!

- Dr. Anne Dranitsaris &
Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard

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